Open to an entry level position or internship

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I'm a creative, passion driven person who likes to work on projects that motivate me. I love to learn and am very self-motivated. I've freelanced as a web designer/developer off and on for the past 5 years while also persuing my more technical interests. I have aquared such a diverse range of skils that can only be defined as the intersection between HCI/UX Design and AI/Machine Learning. I hope to continue to fine to my skils between User Experience Design and Artifial Inteligence to help make future computing more usable

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I used to do front-end Web Development and Design with a bussiness partner, Naomi Touchet. We cofounded Team Bazomi and made websites for small businesses around the United States. I've also colaborated with many designers developers and engeneers on various projects. I have a strong instict for building things without enough resources, I built a set of LED POI from materials laying around my house LED Arduino Poi. You can see a few of my freelance projects on my Resume Page

I currently have a Web Developers certificate from FRCC A B.S in Computer Science, and a few years experience with interacting with clients, making design mockups, and implementing the UX/UI design for websites.

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What I want: To get as much hands on experience in an environment of mentors that want me to excel. I'm looking for internship or entry level jobs in the UX and AI feilds, or a web design postion. I’m eager to learn more and to continue to contribute to larger projects that have greater impacts.