Currently looking for a summer software internship.

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I'm a creative, passion driven person who likes to work on projects that motivate me. I love to learn and am very self-motivated. I've worked mostly remotely for the last two years.

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I used to do front-end Web Development and Design with my partner, Naomi Touchet. We cofounded Team Bazomi and made websites for small businesses while traveling around the United States. Now, I'm back in school, studying for a Computer Science degree. My most recent project was a pair of LED Arduino Poi. You can see my freelance projects on my Portfolio website.

I currently have a Web Developers certificate from FRCC and two years experience with interacting with clients, making design mockups, and implementing the design and front-end functionality for websites.

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What I want: To get hands on experience in an environment of mentors that want me to excel. I'm looking for a software development internship in the San Francisco Bay Area for summer of 2017, or a remote internship throughout the school year. I will graduate in summer of 2018 with a degree in Computer Science. I’m eager to learn more and contribute to larger projects.